Where Are the Articles?

I’ve moved my articles to their own Articles Page.


Where Are the Short Stories?

I’ve placed my short stories (Lightning War, Spider B Gone, The Wager, Sudden, Medical Emergency, Adam’s Offspring, To Be Immortal, The Resurrectionist, plus others never online) into a single book -- and have made that available in print, ad-free ebook, and FREE eBook (PDF) formats. You can find our more about this book to the right -- or by following this link: Lightning War and Other Tales of Wonder.


If you wish to read the online Spanish version of The Wager  (which is not in the book), you can read it here:  La Apuesta.


And the Hebrew version of it is here.


I’m hoping you’ll take a few minutes to check out Lightning Wars and download one of the versions of the book. I think you’ll discover it is well worth the effort. --Duncan Long

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Duncan Long’s Short Stories


And Other Tales of Wonder


Beautifully crafted stories, each unique and entertaining, from a tale of scientific killing gone awry,  to spouses reviving their mates  (from the dead), to intergalactic wars fought in milliseconds.


Other stories tell of a future run by machines, the downside to eternal life, and what happens when a spaceman bets against Death.


These tales travel uncharted territory, with unexpected twists, and a pleasant surprise at the end of every journey.


Learn more about Lightning War.

Lightning War collection of science fiction and fantasy short stories in print and free ebook formats written by Duncan Long.
Lightning War - Fantasy and science fiction short stories in free ebook and print formats

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