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Now available: All-new, 2nd Edition of AR-15/M16 Sourcebook by Duncan Long Carefully researched, newly revised edition covers history, military and custom spinoffs, grenade-launchers, SAW versions, and accessories. If you own an AR-15, you need this book. From Paladin Press.


Duncan Long's Firearms Articles everything from the morality of self defense to firearms history.


50 BMG Supply offers a wide variety of .50 BMG cartridges.


Airgun Warehouse offers an amazing assortment of airguns.


Glock Parts offers accessories and parts for what many believe is the world's finest handgun.


Diamondbacktactical.com specializes in selling advanced tactical gear.


Fort Liberty has a wealth of firearms articles and links to military manuals, etc.


MLE Shooting Sports offers a variety of firearms accessories, knives, and other sporting gear.


Rocky Mountain Tactical offers an excellent tactical sling for the M16/AR-15 and other rifles.


Knives Town carries hunting knives, pocket knives, tactical knives and multi tools from Buck, Gerber, Kershaw, Benchmade, Emerson, Leatherman, SOG and more.


New Mexico Guns Buys and sells firearms in the New Mexico area.


Body Armor News gives the scoop on how to protect your hide from flying bullets.


Box of Truth offers some interesting shooting tests, often with results that go against conventional wisdom.


Aetarms Police Equipment offers a variety of firearms accessories and related equipment.


Homeland Security Safes offers a variety of gun and home safes.


SimIndia.org has a nice collection of links to firearms-related sites.


Fox River Guns allows you to shop for firearms online.


AirGunWarehouseInc.com offers a variety of pellet guns including Gamo, Crosman and others.


Blade Ops offers about every sort of non-firearm weapon you could imagine (be sure to check local laws before ordering anything).


Blue Box offers a variety of standard binoculars (ATN, Bushnell, Burris, Nikon, Leica, Night Detective, etc.) as well as night vision and laser sites.


Homeland Safes offers a variety of home safes for storing firearms, ammunition, and valuables.


Airsoft Gun info offers a huge assortment of inexpensive airsoft guns. Beyond being a lot of fun, these make ideal movie props and wall-hangers -- and are very reasonably priced.


Second Amendment Shooting Supply has a wide assortment of products for gun owners.


Knife-Depot offers brand-name knives from SOG, Cold Steel, Gerber, etc.


Airgundepot.com offers an amazing assortment of paint ball guns, air rifles, bb guns, and pellet guns.


GunBroker.com allows you to bid on firearms online and then have them shipped to a licensed firearms dealer in your area.


Buy Pepper Spray Today offers a variety of pepper spray systems and other defensive items.


BirdnClay offers shotguns of all types for hunting, law enforcement, and self-defense needs.


Body Armor News offers the latest news from the industry -- everything you need to know about bullet proof vests.


TheBladeShop.com Top brand knives including Benchmade, Buck, and Kershaw.


Gunner's Alley offers some excellent hand gun holsters and accessories.


Gun Safes Blog has a variety of articles about firearms and related subjects.


KnifeCountryUSA.com, is an online retailer of hunting, fishing, and camping knives as well as kitchen cutlery.


Eline Merchandising offers a huge selection of knives and related products.


Jeff Cooper's Commentaries are online, waiting for you to read.


International Intelligence Limited - Security and Surveillance Consultants offering body armor and a variety of other gear and services.


Galati International Rifle Cases and Firearm Accessories


Veriforce Tactical, Inc. sells rifle and pistol accessories for a variety of firearms including AR15/M16, AK47, SKS, Mini-14, Shotguns, Glock, etc.


Dog Tags Direct - yep, military style dog tags as well as pet tags.


Mark Kubes Surplus Firearms Parts and Accessories


Pistol Grips Badger Custom Grips. Hand Made pistol grips for Ruger, Smith and Wesson and Colt pistols.


CMP - Firearms and Accessories.


Pro-Tech Holsters makers of a variety of styles including the excellent ''NTIMIDATOR','' which many consider one of the best combat holsters available (yes, I own one).


Cops Plus offering a variety of police supplies.


Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness


Guncrafter Industries custom 1911-style pistols including .50 caliber chamberings.


Exploded Drawings of Firearms


Hunt Us Down - Discount Knife Outlet


GunSite South Africa offers forums as well as product reviews of firearms.


Security and Safety Supply, Law Enforcement, Surveillance Equipment and Personal Protection Products


Custom Gunstock Carvings by Tom Skinner


Gamecalls.Net - Outdoor Supersite


Diamondback Tactical


Ron Wouters' Gun Links


Best Ads Gun Classifieds


Survivalist Magazine Some excellent free articles online here.


ArmaLube Synthetic Lubricant for Firearms


Cherokee Accessories including the "cheekpiece" for the AR-15 series of rifles, bipods, etc. Great products!


Armed Females of America


NIC Law Enforcement Supply


Flags Index Check out "Old Glory" and other flags.


Replica Guns Direct has some very real-looking reproduction guns for those needing some non-functional wall hangers.



Manion's Historical Collectibles


Gun Show Books Offering a variety of books about firearms.


Bright Sights High contrast sight paint kits.


Special Forces


Army Quartermaster Foundation


Feather USA rifles and carbines.




Sammy Franco Contemporary Fighting Arts


Suppressors Home Page


Manufacturers Addresses and Phone Numbers


Valor Wholesale Knives, Guns, and Accessories


Bushmaster Firearms






AmmoForSale.com offers the most popular calibers and brands of ammunition.


TactiLite.com 50 Caliber Rifles High-end conversion kits, .50 BMG Rifles and products designed for AR-15, M-15 or M-4 style lower receivers.


Armed.com makes buying and selling guns online easy.


BladeOps offers a huge assortment of discount knives from most major manufacturers.


Frot Sight Gun Training offers classes to hone a shooter's skills to top notch performance.


THOR Global Defense Group is a private security and contracting firm as well as a manufacturer of various rifles.


RL Airgus offers airguns from Crosman, Benjamin, Beeman, Airforce, Gamo, Remington, Ruger, Walther, and Mendoza.


RangerMade Associates offers an amazing assortment of tactical gear for law enforcement and military users.


2A Gear offers shooting supplies, firearm accessories, shooting rests, forward grips, shooting range targets, etc.


Professional Security Services offers top of the line professional security services to meet each client's special needs.


Permit to Carry is the site to visit if you need training in Handgun Safety or a Minnesota, North Dakota, or Utah Permit to Carry.


Vintage Gun Leather has Western style holsters and belts, as well as saddles and other vintage gear.


RDD USA sells all sorts of military surplus equipment, from armies around the world as well as brand name products.


I Sold My Gun is an online auction site for firearms and accessories.


Swiss Knives Express has a breath-taking array of the many types of Swiss Army knives as well as accessories and related products.


FirearmsCanada.ca offers a nice overview of firearms in addition to facts about Canadian firearms regulations and such.


Firearms Talk is a discussion board about all things firearm.


Eotech Scopes offers the latest array of EOTech Tactical & Military Holosights.


Aimpoint Scopes high quality Aimpoint red dot scopes and sights.


TacticalSight.com offers a variety of military and police sighting systems and accessories


Lightning Rifle Site - Offering working reproductions of these historic rifles


Creightons Pistol Stands


Gun Nuts Who are they? What do they believe about firearms?


The Gun Zone




Chris's Franchi SPAS12 Shotgun Pages


The Armed Citizen.com


Robert Burrows' Firearms ART PRINTS


Aceros de Hispania Distributor of guns, knives, and other equipment.


CRAIG International Ballistics manufacturer of ballistic vests and other types of armored accessories.


Ben Ridge - Reproduce Anything Whether you have a gun accessory you need to produce, or a sci-fi movie you need props for, this how-to page and the products offered here can enable you to pull it off.


Kalashnikov Rifles


Scottsdale Gun Club Site


Guns and Ammo Magazine


JoCo Emprise


Modern Firearms & Ammunition


Sound Suppressor Links


EMF Reproduction Old West and Civil War Firearms


Max Fire Revolver Speed Loaders


IAR Replica and Blank-Firing Guns and Air Rifles


Big Hammer info on guns, especially the AR-15 series


AR-7 Industries


God and Gun Control


Official Glock Site


Body Armor / Bullet proof Vests at BulletProofME.com


T J Targets offers paper targets for a variety of shooting needs.


Citizens of America is fighting for your gun rights.


Link Select Sportsman Directories


My Gun Room collection of firearms and hunting links


Marine Sniper Legend: The Phantom Of Phu Bai !


Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership


Spyderco My favorite knives -- arguably the best folder designs ever.


The KnifeCenter has some "sneak previews of experimental Spyderco knives.


The Knife Outlet


The Arms Site


Hogue Grips


"The Right to Keep and Bear Arms" articles by Oleg Volk


Guns America Classified ads for guns and related products


Survival Center


Independence Institute Homepage


SK Industries laser aiming systems


Scattergun Technologies


Lancer Militaria Firearms and military books


Fowler Gun Shop New muzzle brake, custom barrels, and a how-to book.


Jeff Chan's Firearms Archive


Paladin Press carries books by Duncan Long (hint).


American Firearms Industry




Colt Firearms


Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.




Night Vision Planet has a variety of sighting systems and NV equipment


Magnum Research


Castelan Designs produces beautiful, artistic grips for handguns


Brownells gun parts and accessories


Choate Machine & Tool


Cobray Company


International Small Arms Manufacturers


The Shotgun Report


The AK Site


Beretta International


Site Didactique


First Defense body armor


Revelation Arms


Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine




Unofficial Tommy Gun Page



Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services




Taurus Firearms


Springfield Armory



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